Audio Post Production - Music Recording and Mixing - Acoustical Design

audio for the people

newkrackle is a boutique recording studio in outer SE Portland specializing in audio post production for film and television. As well as music production, tracking and over dubs for vocalists, rappers, singer song writers and small ensemble groups. With a great mic selection, high quality preamps, pristine signal path and fantastic monitoring environment we can take your single, album, documentary, film, advertisement or frankly any audio project you wanna throw at us from inception to fruition. 


Audio Post Production

With over 15 years experience in audio post for film, television, documentary, advertising and corporate video you won't find a better studio in Oregon to put the final polish on your next video project.  Services include Dialog Editing, Foley, Sound Editorial, Sound Design, 5.1 Surround Mixing and custom SFX.

Music Production

Head Engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Edwards has spent decades playing and recording music. From small jazz ensembles to singer song writers and contemporary hip-hop, spoken word and RNB, newkrackle provides the perfect environment to produce and record your next audio creation.

Acoustical Design

Looking for One-of-a-Kind acoustical art pieces? newkrackle specializes in designing and constructing acoustical sculptures to improve the acoustics and human experience for studios, restaurants, offices, galleries and homes. Utilizing recycled and low impact materials to transform your environment.

Song Writing and Recording Retreats


newkrackle Head Engineer Jason Edwards has been deep in film and television for 15 years. You can view his IMDB from the link below. Please note that this is not a complete catalog of work.