acoustic design and sound proofing

The Importance of Acoustics


Acoustics play an enormous role in almost every aspect of our modern lives. Bad acoustics can have a detrimental effect on you, your staff or customer’s experience. And it’s not just high-end recording studios that benefit from a controlled acoustical space. Restaurants, offices, home theaters and modern homes all have acoustical characteristics that can amplify noise making it harder to collaborate, clearly hear your customers or enjoy your amazing new home theater system! 

The Art of Acoustics


newkrackle specializes in custom made acoustical treatment designed to mitigate excessive reverb and attenuation of frequencies while at the same time being amazing to look at! Using a combination of recycled, low impact materials and traditional foams and manufactured products, newkrackle achieves a look and sound like no other. Check out some of the custom acoustical sculptures below.

Acoustical Analysis


Using modern digital tools, newkrackle will measure your space to identify problematic frequencies through room mode calculations. The results will be paired with real-time analysis of frequency responses and reverb time impulse responses, newkrackle will tailor treatment to address specific acoustical trouble spots in your space.  In addition to technical analysis, Jason Edwards, Head Engineer at newkrackle, brings more than 20 years experience as an audio engineer, musician and space designer to create a unique well tuned room that finds the right balance between control and a living acoustical space. 

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