Sound Design

With over 20 years experience in audio post for film, television, documentary, advertising and corporate video, you won't find a better studio in Oregon to put the final polish on your next video project. Services include Dialog Editing, Foley, Sound Editorial, Sound Design, 5.1 Surround Mixing and custom 5.1 surround sound SFX recordings. 


J.T. is the Head Engineer at newkrackle, you can view his IMDB from the link below. Please note that this is not a complete catalog of work. 


Sound Design Portfolio

"Fred" Written and Directed by Misha Klien.                                                                     

"Cooped" Written and Directed by Mike Smith.                                                               

"Inga Project" Directed by Steve Fisher.                                                                                 

"The Cape" NBC/Universal                                                                                                                             

"How the Fire Fell" Written and Directed by E.P. Davee